• Robert Clark

    Robert Clark

    I’m the Founder of PROLegacyLife.com with 15 yrs of VC/Angel Investor industry experience. I use the KISS model to help people make better major life decisions.

  • Abhinaya Konduru

    Abhinaya Konduru

    VC @M25VC

  • Logan Higuera

    Logan Higuera

    Thinker, Helper, and Innovator.

  • Grant Carlile

    Grant Carlile

    #startups #running #robotics | Founder of Run for Phil https://www.runforphil.org @RunforPhil #runforphil Thriving on curiosity, coffee, & office supplies

  • Seth Miller

    Seth Miller

    founder/CEO @ Rapchat | always learning

  • Apiko


    Apiko is a software development company that enters markets with digital businesses, using a solid process and clever strategies.

  • Jeana Konstantakopoulos

    Jeana Konstantakopoulos

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